At some point you made a choice—you drew a line— which led you here.

— Higby
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Higby is designed to operate 25% more efficiently than a typical, code-compliant building.

Higby uses sustainable cleaning solutions to keep it pristine as well as green.

Higby features 97% post-industrial recycled content hardwood flooring.

Higby uses recycled rainwater to irrigate its landscape of native, adaptive plants.

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Gerding Edlen’s Principles of Place guide one simple thing: creating vibrant, inspiring and sustainable spaces where people can work, learn and live. Gerding Edlen created the Livable Place Index™ to measure the global impact that sustainable buildings and their occupants have on energy, air, and water. And Higby is no exception.

Read more about Gerding Edlen’s Principles of Place, a unique set of standards for livable spaces.

Words from Gerding Elden

Higby’s non-toxic finishes and natural ventilation system keep the fresh air flowing, inside.